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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Download: 2814

2814 is a collaborative project of original music by t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 and Hong Kong Express.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Throbbing Beautiful: AyGeeTee's Haunted Hits

AyGeeTee is that rare bird; an electronic musician who has an immediately recognizable sound. I know this because I'm one of those incorrigible people who "grab" MP3s from all over the web and frequently end up with numerous files having a name, but no artist listed. AyGeeTee is a prime offender, with a lot of one-word, hard-to-search titles, like "Famous" or "Insider", for example, from his current Soundcloud. But experience has taught me not to worry when grabbing AyGeeTee’s un-tagged files, because his music has an unmistakable sound all his own which  I can instantly recognize. I honestly can't think of any higher compliment I could give an artist working in the faceless genre of instrumental electronic music.

 AyGeeTee is reclusive Londoner Andrew G. Thomson. He is one of an elite group of outsiders who doggedly follow their different inner drummer, alongside other hard-to-classify artists like Jono Mi Lo and the artist-formerly-known-as TEAMS (now Shanti) who go back to the beginnings of the wave of 2010, and whose work drew on both chillwave and witch house, but transcends genre. Check out AyGeeTee’s extensive back catalog of releases on his Bandcamp.

Following up last year’s Fools, Haunted Hits accentuates AyGeeTee’s range. From neo-Detroit dirty techno on “No Scorn Ever”, to tribal trip-hop of “Blessed”, to bliss-gaze of “September in Summer”, it’s a richly varied album. Check out the ten-minute plus epic "Can't Keep My Eyes", with its’ sparkling bloom around the 3:30 mark; high audio magic.

His throbbing, beautiful mixture of noise and percussion is utterly distinct amid the sea of undifferentiated future funk, dubstep, trap and house flooding the internets. The combination of noise and beauty is a theme here at anothercountyheard; it ties so many of our perennial musical obsessions together, from Throbbing Gristle and My Bloody Valentine and Sweet Trip, to Fennesz and Animal Collective. The ever-present wash of rhythmic noise under the majestic melodies and pounding tribal beats place AyGeeTee's music firmly in the fine company of the aforementioned artists, and on the short list of anotherocuntyheard favorites. It’s music deserving of the appellation ‘art’.

Haunted Hits is not a best-of package at all, but a compilation of several new tracks and some loose ends. It’s available from AMDISCS, not free, but absolutely worth paying for. Jump to their page to purchase.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Album: I FALL IN LOVE WITH THE LIGHT by Afrika Pseudobruitismus

Afrika Pseudobruitismus
the outer limits.

Hear Panda Bear's AWESOME 2015 Version of "You Can Count On Me"

Animal Collective: New Psycho Actives Vol.1 (Split Free Download Geoligist & Avey Tare)

To mark the transit from Winter to Spring Animal Collective has released  New Psycho Actives Vol.1 as a free digital download. It's a  split  release from Avey Tare and Geologist, featuring vocals by Tickley Feather on Geo’s side.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Download: Covalence by ALPER

Alper, fka Alper Atrek, is a Lumenous alumni and journeyman beatmaker who I've been following since his first posts to Soundcloud. Covalence truly marks his arrival. It's an accomplished set of all-good chillwave that will delight purists and novices alike, and evinces a convincing artistic maturity. Our friends at SVNSET WΛVES have released Covalence  as a free download, so jump up on this shit!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Download: Sterling Flow's CLEAR EP

a n o t h e r c o u n t y h e a r d was pleased to present the PREMIERE of Sterling Flow's CLEAR EP last Thursday. Known for guitar driven, vocal chillwave & dreampop, CLEAR is a refinement of Gary Ellison's approach, paring down the processing effects and accentuating songwriting and musicianship. It's  authentic, unhyped  chill. The title track is especially well developed and will lodge itself in your head.

I asked Ellison a couple  questions.
ach: CLEAR seems a conscious approach toward pop-rock, song structure, less reliance on production effects --was this a conscious decision? 

sf:The change in sound was definitely a conscious decision; a lot of the music I’ve made previously was me learning how to produce music and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Rather than focusing on effects and synthesized sounds, I wanted to create a more realistic, simple style for this EP. 

ach: What instruments do you play? 

sf: I played guitar, bass, and synthesizer on every track and also sang the vocals and programmed the drum sequences. But on a couple songs, my brother Andy helped me out. He’s a really talented musician who played banjo and pedal steel on Devotion and lap steel on Between The Two. There are no samples on this release though, even most of drum sounds came from a cheap kit we have at our house. 

ach: What are your influences, what genre do you consider you're working in? 

sf: Everything that happens in my life influences my music one way or another, but musically I’m all over the place. Lately, I’ve really been digging Lana Del Rey’s newest record and Beach Fossils, but I draw inspiration from most genres; rock, rap, pop, indie, folk, electronic, whatever. If I had to classify this EP into a genre, I would say Indie.

Listen below and grab the free download.