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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome Back Sailors New Song: "Best Friend"

After an almost two year hiatus, Italian dreampop duo Welcome Back Sailors returns with a beautiful  new single "Best Friend",  and album Tourismo coming Nov 24 via We Were Never Being Boring.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Download: AyGeeTee's Actress Pets Side Project and Lightning Speed of the Past

The ever productive London-based AyGeeTee has long been a favorite here at anothercountyheard, and this pair of new releases demonstrates why.  The Struggle / The Joy is the second release under his alter-ego Actress Pets,  making heavy use of samples. Lightning Speed of the Past is his ever-evolving "dirty techno", released as AyGeeTee.  Both are amazing, essential, top-shelf  underground music, and both are free.

And for fuck's sake - if you don't already know AyGeeTee, proceed at once to his Bandcamp page and avail yourself of all that is there, most importantly  the pair of 2011 classic albums Soul and Is It Safe.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Album // Inversion by Karmelloz; An Ambient Trip into the Cyber-Netherworld

Karmelloz has long been a favorite here at anothercountyheard, and his last couple of albums (Source Localization  and 2013's Bud Air)  have seen his star rising, attracting the notice of notable music journalist Adam Harper (Dummy, The Fader, Wired) and generally getting love for his futuristic dirty techno beats. His latest release Inversion  finds him eschewing the comfort of familiar territory and plunging headlong into a pool of cyber-noir ambient  music reminiscent of Pete Namlook's space music, but combined with noise elements. Titles like "Athenic Fall", "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and "Ancient Mariner's Crash Report" suggest visual starting-points for the abstract noise-scapes to paint their colorful and alternately beautiful and menacing  images. The last two tracks are a tour-de-force; close your eyes and listen to "City of Roses" and the 38-minute epic "Vasovagal Response", utterly convincing and uncompromised music from the outer edge.
 Inversion is available as a limited cassette and as a free download from Hoko Sounds.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Download: Seabright // Forest Moon EP

photo Allison's Adventures
While many trends and memes with their short life spans have come and gone, Californian Justin Morales has been writing and performing his own beautiful DIY surf-gaze dream rock, sharpening and refining his sound but never wavering in his focus; sixties pop-rock infused with  trop, chillwave  and shoegaze influences. His latest is a really sweet listen and a free download--check it out!

Monday, September 1, 2014

DOWNLOAD: The Sound of Exploding Rainbows: MMONA's ツP~A~I~G~E` (Produced by Miles Farewell)

Paige (or ツP~A~I~G~E`) is a triumph. It's the aural equivalent of an exploding rainbow, easily one of the best tracks of 2014. It's  the first song that sent me running to my computer to share in months. A chillwave homage to J Pop, lovingly made for MMONA's little sister, who "loves J pop, anime and makes straight A's," the song positively radiates youthful exuberance and authentic DIY magic. Produced by Miles Farewell, the heavily filtered intro with a stage-setting Kyary sample bursts into a a glowing bass track, and a horn announces MMONA's super catchy hook:

"Sunshine runnin' thru my mind 
All night i feel ur light 
Its got me oh so high 
It's nice on fire 
Light up desire 
Crystallize in the eye of the beholder..." 

The delivery of the vocals is wonderful; her rap and singing both exude confidence. The  layering and effects build MMONA's voice into a Panda Bear-like wall-of-vocals, and the sound is absolutely amazing. Truly, get-on-the-roof, fist-pumping summer  magic; a big "fuck yeah!"  If I could bottle the way this makes me feel and sell it, I'd be a billionaire. Grab the 320 MP3 below, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

DOWNLOAD HQ-MP3 MMONA // PAIGE (Prod Miles Farewell)

MMONA Summertime Suicide OUT NOW  (review forthcoming)

Check out MMONA's amazing debut HERE
and follow her on

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Review: RxGibbs' Luna, A Remix of Snowbird's Moon

Snowbird was a collaboration between  Simon Raymonde, from dream pop pioneers Cocteau Twins,  and singer-songwriter Stephanie Dosen, who has worked with Massive Attack and Chemical Brothers. Some genius had the bright idea of getting the reclusive Michigan new age house/space dub producer RxGibbs (Robert Gibbs) to remix the whole album, and the result is the best album I've heard in 2014.

Gibbs  gives Moon (the original album)  exactly the rhythmic push it needs, giving the ethereal songs downtempo house and dub  settings over which Dosen's vocals and Raymonde's lush but spare instrumentation floats. The remix is superior to an already excellent album.  Luna (the remixed album)  is like a dream come true for lovers of  chillwave, dream pop, shoegaze and dub.

Moon and Luna are both available on itunes.

RxGibbs 2013 album Contact is recommended, available via Cascine, and to stream on Bandcamp.
You can find more RxGibbs on Soundcloud  and  Bandcamp