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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dagobot Reloaded

Fresh from the dirty south’s internets is this compilation of post-dubstep chill-bience. Information is a little sketchy, and a Google search yielded little, but I know Kwala is from South Carolina, and the bandcamp tags listed Columbia. The tracks are uniformly interesting. The stand-out is Kondra Kosma’s “Ambidexter”  -- I’m a fool for that side-chain compression! Nice Icles brings a hip-hop flavor to the mix and both their contributions slowly build to a nice climax. DAILON’s contributions sweeten the mix with a garage influence. Kwala’s Forest Bellows Re-edit is a journey into pure ambient beauty.
I have never heard of any of these artists except for Kwala, whose 2011 Projectionss EP 
Impressed me with it’s approach to the chillstep fusion.
Dig that cover too.
The new-beat underground is in full bloom and this EP is a spring flower for the taking… and it smells pretty good.

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