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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

anothercountyheard's BEST of 2012

Welcome Back Sailors "Stronger" etc.
Mr Lies "I Walk"
RAJA "Age"
Animal Collective Centipede Hz LP
Rumtum "BirdeyeS"
Blood Diamonds f. Grimes "Phone Sex" ( LEMONADE REMIX )
Andrea "Work the Middle" ( Kodak To Graph Remix )
MNDR "#1 In Heaven" (Physical Therapy Wash)
Meth Dad "Stay Posi" (can't find it, wtf?)
G88gle G88gle EP
Work Drugs "Rad Racer" ( RX GIBBS Remix )
Keep Shelly in Athens "Tear in my Eye" ( Gacha REMIX )
PLAN "Giga Giga"
Alison Valentine "Peanut Buter" ( MOON BOOTS REMIX )
AyGeeTee Is It Safe LP , and pretty much everything this artist does.
Coyote Clean Up "Mega Miss Out" (original) & "Silver Fox Dub", same, pretty much everything by CCU.
Eaves "Left" & "with/out u", etc
Elephant & Castle and shortcircles "All I Can Say"
Ruddyp & Taquwami "Hold"
Shisa & Choongum "Hearts" ( Supermarket Love Remix )
Young Wonder "To You" (Ambassadeurs Remix)
Need A Name "Galaxies"
Jahnne  "And I Would Again For You"
Giraffage "Feels"
Katy Perry "Wide Awake" ( METH DAD DRUGGED OUT REMIX )
Wet Paint "Ender"
Seabright Children of the Sun LP
Religious Girls "Oscar Grant" ( METH DAD REMIX )
Nature's Kid  "Free Fallin" etc
KarmellOZ feat. BOY MTN "2 Fuckn EZ"
The Establishment "Love Like This" 
XYLOID "Knee Deep"etc.
Figgy "Stayed" & "Can't See"
Go Dugong White Sun EP
BeachesBeaches "onetwentysix", "LLC", "imaway", "Got Feel" etc
Nazcar Nation "Paws" Cover of Enjoyed
Edamame "Moana a Toi" ( Flash Forest Remix ) 
Mr. Kitty "Evaporating Sun" ( RITUALZ Remix )
Eliot feat. Phoebe Bridgers "Where Are You"
Village "Nothing Between Us"
Vacationer "Trip" ( MMOTHS REMIX )
Crystallized "Yatta"
Edamame Bay of Plenty  EP
Seven Lions "Days To Come" Feat. Fiora (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Ultrademon "WeedTangClan"
Flashlights  "Slow Down"

Here is a 'set' from Soundcloud that approximates the list above. Many of the tracks are available for free download, see links above. I love this list - there is soooo much good music here.

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