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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Download: BUD AIR by KarmellOz

This new set by KarmellOz is state-of-the-art post-trap/post-everything psychedelic chill-pop. From the swelling funky pulsations of "Put Your Love Next To Me", to the Blade Runner-evoking saxophone ambience of "Fuji Xerox Australia", Bud Air is consistently interesting and unpredictable; trippy non-conformist freshness. "I was definitely going for quirky and trippy, a little sad and intellectual too," KarmellOz told me, and I'd say he hit the bullseye. He breaks out the jungle drums on "Popular Art", and the repeating vocal sample gives a clue to the music's possible inspiration. We had the pleasure of premiering an edit of "B.M.W." on Lumenous2, btw. "Wire Spine" thunders with bottomless dub-bass, "Bitches Like" raises the bar on vocal sample chopping, and "Ménage à Trois Bootleg", with it's "I keep shooters up top in the F-1" is just straight noise-trap of the most fucked-up kind. Fucking brilliant, really. And it's a free download. This shit is essential. From the always interesting Interscape Records Ltd 

The above was the original cover art, which was changed, possibly cos of an unlicensed photo. Dunno, but I love it.

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