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Saturday, July 4, 2015

DOWNLOAD: anothercountyheard's Psychedelic Ain't Trap Mixtape

The experience of listening to this music while tripping at the beach and the freshwater springs of the Florida panhandle is the inspiration for this mixtape. It's psychedelic, not in the nostalgic sense so often signified by that term, but in the best sense of the word -- music that mimics the effects of psychedelics, beautiful and blissful, but not without a touch of  poignancy. It hopefully captures the  spectrum of feelings experienced in that expanded state of awareness. The carefully selected tracks unite some of the very best early vaporwave with shoegaze and dreampop, in short it's pure anothercountyheard. 

                                                  DOWNLOAD AIN'T TRAP MIXTAPE as a zip

                                                  DOWNLOAD as mp3, mixed

                                               Photo found here ╧ SWAMPGOTH ╧

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