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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Witchy House Music of Face Culler's LOSTLANDS

This is one of those increasingly rare releases that sends me running to my blog to share.  A Facebook friend mentioned Occult Research, a tantalizing name for a label, and I proceeded immediately to the page to discover this gem of an album by Face Culler, their latest release.  This music is what I had imagined when I first heard the term 'witch house', before I figured out it wasn't house music at all.  Face Culler has absorbed late '80s, early '90s acid house and techno, jungle and breakbeat, but filters his homage with post-club internet sensibility.  The emphasis is more on listen-ability than  dance-ability. There's sufficient variation in rhythm, every track is distinct. It's highly visual music that will take you places if you let it. The subtle shadings in mood on these tracks keep the listener glued for the whole set. Check out "Two Distant Realities", the album's opener, the jungle acid of "Unlamenting", and the spacey and majestic "Juxtaposition"  for a good representative examples.

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