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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Album // Inversion by Karmelloz; An Ambient Trip into the Cyber-Netherworld

Karmelloz has long been a favorite here at anothercountyheard, and his last couple of albums (Source Localization  and 2013's Bud Air)  have seen his star rising, attracting the notice of notable music journalist Adam Harper (Dummy, The Fader, Wired) and generally getting love for his futuristic dirty techno beats. His latest release Inversion  finds him eschewing the comfort of familiar territory and plunging headlong into a pool of cyber-noir ambient  music reminiscent of Pete Namlook's space music, but combined with noise elements. Titles like "Athenic Fall", "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" and "Ancient Mariner's Crash Report" suggest visual starting-points for the abstract noise-scapes to paint their colorful and alternately beautiful and menacing  images. The last two tracks are a tour-de-force; close your eyes and listen to "City of Roses" and the 38-minute epic "Vasovagal Response", utterly convincing and uncompromised music from the outer edge.
 Inversion is available as a limited cassette and as a free download from Hoko Sounds.

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