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Monday, September 1, 2014

DOWNLOAD: The Sound of Exploding Rainbows: MMONA's ツP~A~I~G~E` (Produced by Miles Farewell)

Paige (or ツP~A~I~G~E`) is a triumph. It's the aural equivalent of an exploding rainbow, easily one of the best tracks of 2014. It's  the first song that sent me running to my computer to share in months. A chillwave homage to J Pop, lovingly made for MMONA's little sister, who "loves J pop, anime and makes straight A's," the song positively radiates youthful exuberance and authentic DIY magic. Produced by Miles Farewell, the heavily filtered intro with a stage-setting Kyary sample bursts into a a glowing bass track, and a horn announces MMONA's super catchy hook:

"Sunshine runnin' thru my mind 
All night i feel ur light 
Its got me oh so high 
It's nice on fire 
Light up desire 
Crystallize in the eye of the beholder..." 

The delivery of the vocals is wonderful; her rap and singing both exude confidence. The  layering and effects build MMONA's voice into a Panda Bear-like wall-of-vocals, and the sound is absolutely amazing. Truly, get-on-the-roof, fist-pumping summer  magic; a big "fuck yeah!"  If I could bottle the way this makes me feel and sell it, I'd be a billionaire. Grab the 320 MP3 below, and enjoy the summer while it lasts!

DOWNLOAD HQ-MP3 MMONA // PAIGE (Prod Miles Farewell)

MMONA Summertime Suicide OUT NOW  (review forthcoming)

Check out MMONA's amazing debut HERE
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