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Sunday, February 26, 2012

AyGeeTee // Is It Safe? and SOUL : 2 perfect free albums.

I know this is not new but in a genre with no advertising and a very big world it might take time for a new artist to be recognized. If we ignore all but the brand new, we lose the things we might have missed. Anyway, this is something so effin good and underground and legit that I have to share it here, where I post the music that is closest to my heart. I don't know how to categorize this thing. It contains threads of all that has come before it, yet breaks new ground with these complex rhythm tracks. Hypnotic, dream-like, warm organic sounding electronic Balearic bliss. I downloaded these gems a month or more ago, and a once-through revealed them to be deep underground stuff, but I knew there was more to be had from repeated listens. This is music that I will play for years, reserved for peak good times. I can hear some Animal Collective and definitely some Terrarum era Orb. I can hear the new-age house of Sueno Latino.  Dub is here too, of the real variety. (Yes Virgie, there IS a dub beyond the step...)  Mostly I recommend tracks, and many very good artists can't sustain a whole LP, but these two I recommend whole-heartedly as being worth downloading lossless.

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