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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunrise Blend // Juicy Tunes Compilation

I found this free compilation on SC recently and have really been enjoying it. It's one of those where I have never heard of any of the artists. Remember the pseudo-compilations of the acid house era? They affected to be compilations but in fact were the work of a single artist. If this album is the work of 16 different artists, they are at least working from the same play-book. Which is not to say that the tracks sound alike, just that there's a unified stylistic approach.  The compilation is from a French label, based in Lyon, called Juicy Tunes. The whole LP is as good as its' name, and  the beats are fresh and funky. There's a lot of black American R&B and disco sampled, churned through the French-house arsenal of (what I'm calling) glo-fi effects, hence French Glo-fi Disco. It's worth downloading the album. Super upbeat, spring is coming vibes. There is a mediafire link on the Soundcloud page to a zip-file of the LP. They also have a tumblr,  and Falcons, currently riding high with "Nigeria", also very worthwhile.

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