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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kieth Canisius // Save The Sharks (EP2)

"KEITH CANISIUS is a solo artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. He blends electronic, dream pop, shoegaze and ambient sounds using alternative production techniques to create the unique sound that characterizes his style."  

That from his Bandcamp page, but I know him from Darla Records. Nobody seems to know about Darla today. Beginning in 1997, they released a stream of classic space-rock albums under the series name "The Bliss-Out", with volumes by Windy & Carl, Orange Cake Mix, Junior Varsity KM,etc. The series runs 18 volumes and when seen in retrospect, it is definitely a chillwave precursor. In the conjunction of every meaningful thread in music from that era, shoegaze, drum & bass and noise are happily married in electronic heaven. 

So I credit Darla with my finding of Keith Canisius. They released 2010's incredible "This Time It's Our High", an LP of  non-conformist, chillwave-influenced space-rock that trips like crazy from start to finish. This was music worth paying for, so I was really delighted to see him posting music to Bandcamp on a pay-what-you-want basis. Keith knows his way around the studio, too. No un-mastered lo-fi distortions here. 
I guess the best tag for it's going to be DREAM ROCK...

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