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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Download: RON HARDLY WORTH IT by Ron Hardly

Dafydd McKaharay is the prolific artist behind several interstesting recording projects, including Nattymari, Curt Crackrach, Sir Walter Bangs, and Ron Hardly, which dropped this release last week on Aural Sects. RON HARDLY WORTH IT is a loving homage to classic house and techno. The project name and the track titles whimsically name-check iconic Chicago DJ Ron Hardy (pictured above) and producer Marshall Jefferson, and several obscure underground record labels, a shout-out to hardcore house junkies.  McKaharay knows his house inside-out, and his modern reinterpretation captures the weird magic of the minimal Trax Records sound, and early acid house.

As the recent outpouring of love for Frankie Knuckles and DJ Rashad demonstrates, the influence of Chicago's house music is all pervasive. In an EDM-dominated era, when acts like Avicci and Tiësto, and the hordes of undifferentiated purveyors of so-called 'house music' are widely credited with having invented the music they play, a release that draws inspiration from the original house music spirit, and pays respect the true gods of the dance-music is welcome indeed.

Check the two bonus tracks too, "Sparkle Motion" and "Killer of Sheep" featuring WITCHBOY.
The release is a free download via Aural Sects.

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