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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

LP: Edamame / Anywhere People

Chicago's Ed Harris draws inspiration from the earth and good hip-hop. As Edamame he makes the chillest of beats, and has released a series of excellent EPs culminating with last year's excellent full length Coalesce Colors. Anywhere People does not disappoint. Songs like "Filling A Bird Feeder" sound exactly like the title, and the good vibrations of mother earth dominate throughout. The music  is visual and evocative; the title and sound of "Little Cities" evokes urban islands surrounded by jungle, "Forbidden Fruit", a misty Balinese brothel. The menacing dub of "Gold" and "Sightseer" darken the atmosphere slightly and the title track ends the set on a blissful note, making listening to the set  as a whole rewarding.

It's free. The zip contains some cool bonus tracks with Big Jackson too. 

Check out the older stuff too on his Bandcamp. Show some love on Facebook and Soundcloud.

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