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Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Artist: 3 Chill-As-Fuk Tracks by EPICURE

I love finding gems in my inbox.  Epicure is eighteen year old producer Samuel Peters of Kalamazoo Michigan. He sent three tracks and to my delight, they are all pretty wonderful. "Astrogation"  is a collaboration with  Cosmonostro  label-mates PhoenixandtheFlowerGirl. The impressive neo-R&B-styled vocals are original to the track, a silky smooth post-dubstep with an interesting coda.  "Queen Bee", also a Cosmonostro release,  combines a dreamy hip-hop track with jazzy saxophone driven fills and some chopped-in  Biggie vocals to blissful effect. "Forgotten Image" is another R&B-flavored junt, featuring the washed-in-echo (love that) vocals of  UK singer  Sanna Hartfield, via  Brickwood Records.

Jump the tracks' Soundcloud link for download info.


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