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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tracks: Nirosta Steel "Love Is Back" and "HOUND DOG"

My obsession with Arthur Russell led me to Arthur's Landing and guitarist Steven Hall's solo project Nirosta Steel. Some of Arthur's magic seems to have rubbed off on Steven and his unclassifiable and non-conformist recordings. This material doesn't sit comfortably in any genre, or more accurately it spans many genres, as did Arthur Russell's. Here are two tracks that delight me; the shoe-gazey Echo Island remix of "Love Is Back" and the dubbed-out, totally trippy "HOUND DOG - C+W Mix". Both of these are slow-burners that evolve as the tracks develop, and you are not going to 'get it' from hearing the first minute---LET IT PLAY THROUGH.

I highly recommend following both Nirosta Steel and Arthur's Landing on Soundcloud; Hall is a prolific artist who is posting a lot of interesting tracks and remixes.

Nirosta Steel - HOUND DOG - C+W Mix

Nirosta Steel - Love Is Back (Arthur Russell) Steve Legget Echo Island Mix

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