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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Download: Sterling Flow's CLEAR EP

a n o t h e r c o u n t y h e a r d was pleased to present the PREMIERE of Sterling Flow's CLEAR EP last Thursday. Known for guitar driven, vocal chillwave & dreampop, CLEAR is a refinement of Gary Ellison's approach, paring down the processing effects and accentuating songwriting and musicianship. It's  authentic, unhyped  chill. The title track is especially well developed and will lodge itself in your head.

I asked Ellison a couple  questions.
ach: CLEAR seems a conscious approach toward pop-rock, song structure, less reliance on production effects --was this a conscious decision? 

sf:The change in sound was definitely a conscious decision; a lot of the music I’ve made previously was me learning how to produce music and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Rather than focusing on effects and synthesized sounds, I wanted to create a more realistic, simple style for this EP. 

ach: What instruments do you play? 

sf: I played guitar, bass, and synthesizer on every track and also sang the vocals and programmed the drum sequences. But on a couple songs, my brother Andy helped me out. He’s a really talented musician who played banjo and pedal steel on Devotion and lap steel on Between The Two. There are no samples on this release though, even most of drum sounds came from a cheap kit we have at our house. 

ach: What are your influences, what genre do you consider you're working in? 

sf: Everything that happens in my life influences my music one way or another, but musically I’m all over the place. Lately, I’ve really been digging Lana Del Rey’s newest record and Beach Fossils, but I draw inspiration from most genres; rock, rap, pop, indie, folk, electronic, whatever. If I had to classify this EP into a genre, I would say Indie.

Listen below and grab the free download. 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mixtape: Sensitive Sessions Vol. II by Rap Class

Bootleg Compilation: LOST IN REVERIE

This unlicensed compilation is one of the best I have ever heard. Absolutely the right stuff.

Nzca Lines - New Atmosphere
LLLL - You
HELLO AGAIN - All the time
Duett - At Night
Sloslylove - Da Hauntings
ESPRIT 空想 - esprit.wav
Miyagi Pitcher - Whispers (radiowave mix)
Robert Parker - Eight Hour Drive
Who Ha & STARFORCE - My Fantasy
Silent Gloves - Le Cassette - Radio (Silent Gloves Remix)
Vicenzo Salvia - Tramonto dagosto
S l o w w lyfe - Direct Messages
Phoenix #2772 - Beatiful Situation (Edit)
Cineplexx - No futuro (Cielo cover)
CVLTVRΣ - Blue Horizons 寝室企業 .ltd - 01 ░▒▓ 寝室企業 ▓▒░
Surf Club - Until Then
Colourwaves - You Sold Your Life For Pixels
Teeel - You're Mine
Com Truise - Wasat
Choongum - Waves of Data (mus.hiba remix)
Le Cassette - This is all we know
Yumi Zouma - Alena
East Edwards - Breaking it down
Arcade High - Coastline
MAITRO - Vice City
マクロスMACROSS 82-99 x YUNG BAE - 'Selfish High Heels' (Feat. ✿ Harrison ✿)
Chris††† - The way he makes me squirm
Trust In Love - Hyperreal
East Troy - Softerall
Stripmall Architecture - Blue Moon (Big Star cover)
Tuuwa - Dearest

Here's the trick 

Album: virtua​.​zip by ESPRIT 空想

EP: Melancholia by X3SR

Album: INFINITY VOL1 by Navigateur

Album: Foreign Pedestrians by Monster Rally & Jay Stone