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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Single: "Everybody On Drugs (Once More With Feeling)" by MARIE DIOR + Remixes

Marie Dior's new one via Aural Sect is a glowing slab of dark-wave with remixes by anothercountyheard favorites AyGeeTee and Shisa. Click HERE for the free download.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Track: F ∆ U X E Remix of Amateur Takes Control "4207"

I missed this killer remix by  Singapore artist F ∆ U X E of the Singapore post-rock band Amateur Takes Control, which came out in September, but it's never too late. Excellent sound quality.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


"Huff" is the dynamite new track from the amazing producer/remixer known only as Physical Therapy. It's from the new  EP Non-Drowsy, via his new label Allergy Season.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Track: HOWLINGS Remix of Crystal Castle "Transgender"


HOWLINGS turns the dreamy  "Transgender" by Crystal Castles into a glowing dubstep track, best heard on a real sound-system. This is a track that needs to be felt, as in 'feel-the-bass', to be fully appreciated. The San Francisco-based producer has many interesting, downloadable tracks on his Soundcloud, and two excellent EPs free on Bandcamp.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Track: Fortune Howl "Pressure" NO EYES REMIX

This totally speaks for itself, so I will just say this is what I live for---the definition of what this blog is about. The nine minute epic is the perfect blending of (post-) witch-house and chillwave. NO EYES is ATL-based artist Seanny Georgie. Check out his Soundcloud for more of this madness.


Who is Cop Font? What is it that Cop Font does? Why does it sound like that? What the fuck is going on here? In a word: PSYCHEDELIC. Cop Font is Chicago-based audio-artist Heiko Julian, and his music is every bit as trippy as the name might suggest. Space Jam II is just three tracks, but the non-conformist, impossible to classify beats will delight lovers of psychedelic music through many repeated listens.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Karmelloz released one of our favorite albums this year;  BUD AIR, reviewed here, and we  are delighted  by the opportunity to debut his new track  "Genetic Drift".

An organ sampled from the Sid & Nancy soundtrack  is worked into a catchy riff and washed with side-chained pulsations over a future-house drum track with some pretty sick edits; a certified banger. Listen and grab the MP3 below. 

Check out his Soundcloud for more gems, and in case you missed it the remixes from BUD AIR are dope too,  available here.

Artwork courtesy Mitch Posada.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Track: Memoryy "Someone Not You" BOX OF WOLVES Remix


Memoryy is a Brooklyn 'synthpop band' and Box of Wolves is of course the canadian chillwave artist Gabriel Akinrinmade who has consistently impressed me with his productions and especially, his remixes, his take on MNDR's "Feed Me Diamonds: was THE version of that memorable song. The original is available to download, you'll have to get the remix by the usual method.



Jensen Sportag has a new album out on Cascine and while I am sure it's great and essential, this blog is of necessity focused on free music, and two outstanding remixes of tracks from the album are free downloads. The reclusive Christian Fennesz emerges from hiding with his noisy take on "Rain Code" and Astro Nautico's Obey City follows the natural tendencies of Jensen Sportag toward yacht-rock.


L.A. producer D/P/I was unknown to me until Soundcloud followed an AyGeeTee track I was listening to with this amazingly dope number.

EP: Starlit Everglades TWILIGHT

Starlit Everglades is a 'beatmaker from an island' (Japan?) and LUMENOUS alumnus. He (or she?) makes delicious ambient flavored glowing electronic soundscapes, which  post regularly to  their soundcloud.
Twilight is available as a name-your-price download from City By Night Records.