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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Moon Pollen // Shine

The name of this was a dead give-away. How could something named “Moon Pollen Shine” be anything but perfect summertime chillwave? This beautiful track, which will fit nicely on trip-to-the-beach mixtapes, is a fully developed song with the rare feature of a brief but sublime guitar solo. It will have you feeling like it’s summer 2010 again. Moon Pollen is a shoegaze / dreamwave singer and songwriter based in Argentina who has been posting to Soundcloud for six months or so but this is the first track he’s made available for download. A debut worth waiting for. Moon Pollen - Shine (Radio edit) by Moon Pollen

Saturday, May 26, 2012

a-robb // twotwotwo MP3

a-robb is the recording project of Andrew Robb, currently living in Wyoming, which just goes to show how one can be geographically isolated, yet totally wired. He’s a prolific Soundcloud uploader who’s definitely been growing as an artist. Last week he dropped his “Outta There” EP on his Bandcamp, a five track set, and it’s well worth listening to. My fave is probably “Feel Better”, but the tracks are all distinct and interesting, non-conformist, slightly melancholic glow-fi. Then this week he’s posted a pulsating dreamer that is 7+ minutes of pure blissful beauty to Soundcloud, called "twotwotwo". “Dreamscaping” is an apt description left by someone on the SC message board. With the heat beginning to build across the continent, this is exactly the kind of chillwave I'm going to need to stay cool. There’s no download on the SC post but here’s a link to the MP3. twotwotwo by a-robb

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kuhn // We're Gonna Make It

It's never too late. I came across this gem following a thread from Astro Nautico, trying to figure out who's responsible for the stream of quality material emanating from that front. Kuhn is the recording project of one of the persons behind that label. From NYC, released in April 2010, this still sounds fresher than most new stuff. The best song on this Space Music EP is deff "We're Gonna Make It". It's got that rare vibe that can only properly be called chillwave (or maybe Dream pop).

Welcome Back Sailors // (Love) That's All

This escaped me back in February when it was released by the good folks at Crash Symbols. Welcome Back Sailors is an Italian duo making cutting edge electronic dream pop. It reminds me Keep Shelly in Athens, who contribute a remix here, which is to say it’s some serious cutting-edge underground shit. The originals are the stand-outs here. “Stronger” is a downtempo masterpiece. Dreamy vocals carry a hauntingly beautiful and addictive melody over a spare bed of keyboard and guitar. The Pet Shop Boys-like “Flesh & Blood” is a journey into synthpop heaven that soars to truly majestic heights. This is deeper, more substantial stuff than dujour chillwave. I think I’ll be listening to this for a while. Bliss out! Download the free EP below and check out the other fine releases at Crash Symbols Bandcamp.

JSHIH vs SHISA // Gold Fruit

a n o t h e r c o u n t y h e a r d  TRACK PREMIERE


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

RAJA Remixes 2012 Mixtape // TRAP HOUSE

Astro Nautico just dropped this bomb of a remix tape by New York's RAJA. You should download it immediately here on Mediafire.  The tracks have been removed from Soundcloud, so don't wait. Here's a taste.

6 Bit Collective // Compilation Vol.1

New compilation from LA's 6 Bit Collective. New tracks from Dreams, Caves, Wondr, Eliot and many more. Real deal underground stuff. Listen below and grab the free download.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

#SEAWAVE // anothersummermixtape

There's no tracklist: trust me. Download

Monster Rally and Rumtum // Music and History Mixtape

I don’t usually go for mixtapes, but this one from Columbus duo Monster Rally and Rumtum is all-new-stuff. This is new age exotica, looking back to Martin Denny and Les Baxter for source material: space age batchelor pad chillwave. They are actually two different artists, each with their own sound, who release their music together sometimes. While many true mixtapes can be less than ideal because of the difficulty in skipping a song, this one solves that problem by including only new unreleased material. I listened to it uninterrupted and never once reached to skip. Listen to it and download below. If you missed their debut collection earlier this year it’s still a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp. RUMTUM Facebook Soundcloud Monster Rally Facebook Soundcloud Music & History Mixtape Vol. 1 by Monster Rally & RUMTUM

Mr. Kitty // Evaporating Sun - Single & Remixes

I hate the language of hype and I try to avoid hyperbole so when I say this track had me raving on the rooftop in the moonlight – you just gotta believe me. I was physically excited by this release, drawn to my attention by some very hip individuals and by following Ritualz since “Ghetto Ass Witch”. With this single, Mr. Kitty has established his musical presence on the scene. The original is a dreamy synthpop number with strong vocals and a witchy low-end drone underneath, very strong, totally original and easily one of the best records I’ve heard this year. The remix by Ritualz is what had me on the roof, though. Total dream pop ecstasy - this is the sound! Listen to both tracks below and grab it while it’s free.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mean Lady // Pony Ony O MP3

What can I say about this lady's vocals? I heard this blind - IE without knowing who it was, but it took about a half-second to recognize Katie Dill's vocals. She's great, and between her and her musical partner Sam Nobles, somebody definitely knows how to write songs. Real emotion and child-like sincerity are conveyed by this song and those are rare commodities today. Grab last years Kid Friendly too. You can listen to it here and download it for free here. I found it on PORTALS :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(DOSE) // Let Me Be MP3

(DOSE) - <3 it's his picture. I usually use artist provided artwork unless it's unattractive. I am always interested in the visual component of these releases, and consider the track and image together as a virtual package. Dose is Jeremy R. of Columbus, presumably Ohio. Let Me Be by (Dose)

RXGibbs // Codesh MP3

RxGibbs - Codesh by GoldFlakePaint


What is #seapunk? It’s a new meme within sphere of DIY / internet music (chillwave). A March 4 article in the New York Times (well worth reading) describes it thus: “Sprouting from the digital petri dish of social networking, seapunk is a whimsical style that mashes together cartoonish aquatic themes, rave culture and a nostalgia for ’90s Internet imagery.” Oh, now I know: it’s that. #seapunk draws on house, garage and drum & bass, but there’s not a great stylistic continuity, at least not musically. The visual motifs of aquatic life, dolphins, pyramids and generally all things wet help to identify the micro-genre. Whatever it is, there is a real vitality to it, as proved by these tracks. Xyloid is an 18 year old electronic music producer from San Antonio, Texas. Non-conformist and totally brilliant, fresh af: this stuff doesn’t sound like anything else happening now. It’s a welcome break from too damn much dubstep. His Soundcloud is full of free downloads of music that's a lot better than that many artists are charging for. My favorite is "Knee Deep", but all of the tracks are great.


This 16 year-old producer from Orlando has lit up the internet with his collab with Giraffage, “Even Though”. His latest post on Bandcamp is a free download (unlike the Giraffage tune, which is decidedly not-free), a take on Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard in the Paint”. This one’s all about the beat, spare but definitely poppin’. Another Orlando producer, GRANT has a different take on the same tune, keeping more of the lyrics (and absurdity) of the original. Both tracks exhibit the ‘street’ sensibility of TRAP House – a new micro-genre. There’s an awareness of the absurdity – that’s part of its’ appeal. Listen / download below.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SizzleBird // Chillstep

The SizzleBird has landed! It seems like only a few months since this new London based electronic music artist was sending me unsolicited tracks of some fairly standard drum & bass tracks, but they showed promise. He’s now mastered his game and with these new tracks can truly be said ‘to have arrived’. Both of these tracks define the sound of today’s chillstep: the marriage of chillwave and dubstep. Dude is a classically trained violinist with years of serious music study at London schools. That might explain his very quick journey from obscurity to hotness. He also inexplicably calls himself Ot Moruno Bird. SizzleBird is a prolific Soundcloud post-er with many free downloads. His latest EP is Lady of the Lake. KO KO - So Strange (SizzleBird Remix) [Free Download] by SizzleBird Blue Eyes [Free] by SizzleBird