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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Download: Raking The Wind by Body Cheetah

Caught somewhere between indie rock and shoegaze-dream pop, with a dash of punk attitude thrown in, Body Cheetah has been on my radar since contributing a track to the 1st HANUS giveaway comp.  Body Cheetah is the recording project of James Kristofik, who also heads the interesting net-label WOOZY TRIBE. A recent spate of releases finds his sound gaining distinction and definition. Raking The Wind evinces real songwriting talent and a flair for dreamy textures and production, and is a release that grows in appeal with each listen. Sample the standout tracks, "Shone" and "Than You Should Know" and download for free. Check out his other releases on Bandcamp. You can read more about Body Cheetah here.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Download: FROSTBITE by Kitty

I you had told me would rapper Kitty FKA Kitty Pride would grow up to be a dance diva, I would never have believed it. Yet that is exactly what she does with this new EP FROSTBITE,  transcending the cloud-rap ghetto, and  transforming the teen angst of earlier work into mature radio-ready dance pop that puts trash like Iggy Azalea to shame.   "Last Minute" and "285" stand out, but the whole EP is great, and fresh.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Download: Nmesh Remix Collection 2009-2013

Nmesh Remix Collection 2009-2013  blew me away when I listened to it through in the right time and place; absolutely top-notch. It's a free download.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Download: Time Tends to Wax and Wane by Pe† Ceme†ery

After hearing "Sad Summer Song" and "Untitled",  I got excited about the Pe† Ceme†ery album and avoided subsequent posts to Pet Cemetery's Soundcloud, cos I didn't want to hear it all before it came out. Now that it's finally here I am sooo glad I waited.

It's been a long time coming. Danny "Bunny" Kaye-Traynor spent almost two  years working on the tracks, and it shows in the richly detailed songs. Time Tends To Wax And Wane finds Traynor moving from the post-witch house deep underground to a more accessible mixture of dubstep and garage rhythms and witchy dream pop. The album is a delightful listen, loaded with fresh production techniques -- noise is incorporated into several songs -- and material that is weighty without being heavy; a richly textured soundscape for a very sad world, and sure to be part of the soundtrack for the coming winter.

Time Tends To Wax And Wane is a free download.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Download: As Above, So Below by Basement Love

The fine folk at KEATS//COLLECTIVE have delivered another fresh batch of future-funk by Basement Love.