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Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Emo // Night Language by Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon

Shared by Balam Acab on facebook, this album by Portland Oregon band Molly Shannon, Molly Shannon turned out to be interesting and a breath of fresh air.  The vocals seem right, and the instrumentation is apparently organic, like real instruments; reminds me of early Modest Mouse. "Everything made, produced, broken, replaced, repaired, recorded by msms over 8 strange years of pain & damage." 
 Stay sad, my friends.

Friday, June 3, 2016

2011 Chillwave // Race of Robots

"Race of Robots is a multi-genre musical project created by Zach Holmes and Coby Nida, from Washington, D.C. The two blend and create a new take on 80’s and 90’s music. The styles spawn from R&b based vocal melodies, Indie rock and Reggae influenced guitars. Along with a new hint of Chillwave and an added dose of Hip Hop based sampling methods"
Class of 2011 chillwave, very nice, generally overlooked and underappreciated. As new music is stagnating, or in a repetitive cycle, I will focus on mining the past for buried gold, especially from the 2009-2012 era. There is another album also free and great, on their Bandcamp page.