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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Download: TEEN DAZE // EU Tour EP

Teen Daze's EU Tour EP  is a welcome free download and the track "YVR" is the best thing I've heard from the reclusive Canadian producer in a long time.Preview the three tracks below and grab the zip file from Mediafire.

Download: family jams vol. 1 by rap vacation

Friday, March 21, 2014

Download: Ticklish Reboots

 Berlin's Ticklish doing his take on footwork/juke with a little extra Jersey Club thrown in. The best are "Tom and Jerry Maxi (Mum) Booty Style" and the stunning Boards of Canada remix. There's a zip file available HERE. Check his Soundcloud and Facebook.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

COMP: Chillection by Filthy Children

From the Australian Wood and Wire label's page on this release:

"Chillection is a selection of lovingly munted works representing the current wave of Filthy Children’s musical output.

"Filthy Children are a crew of dedicated, best friended, bright eyed, young inner west lads from Sydney. Made up of individual groups and projects with continuously shifting names and formations, they are inspired by memories of after school cartoons, video games and 90s pop-culture. The music of Filthy Children aims to take an audience on a journey through sounds, sights, textures, graphics, boss levels, loading screens, character select, hidden packages, rainbow roads, techno schmeckno, dragons, wizards and warlocks, the temple of time, pallet town, springfield, rivendel and winterfel.
Filthy Children share music to the great cyberspace exchange known as the World Wide Web – all hail our Techno Moth overlord!"

This stuff sounds really good to me, very happy, but now I gotta find out wtf  "munted" is tho.

EP: World Warp by colourwaves

Colourwaves is recording project of Ryan Dodson of Melbourne. The music on World Warp is reminiscent of Washed Out, early Blackbird Blackbird, or Neon Indian -- in other words, the essence of classic chillwave. Grab the free download and follow him on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Download: 101​.​7 WAVE II by LUXURY ELITE

                    The elegant essence of classic vaporwave.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Download: GHASTLY's Cemetary Vibes -- Next-Phase Noisy Witch-Step

Ghastly's new Cemetary Vibes is state-of-the-art witched-out post-dubstep. The set is only available virally atm, but with his kind permission you can hook it up right here. Listen to the tracks below and download a zip of the EP HERE. Keep the light on while listening tho.

Check out his Bandcamp and Soundcloud  for more of the hottness, and like him on Facebook for updates on this essential artist.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

F ∆ U X E's Oh Fuck Another Beat Tape EP

I fux with Fauxe, one of my favorites.  He is  a seriously under-rated and consistently inventive beatmaker, whose work spans witch-house, ambient, shoegaze, and in this case, instrumental hip-hop. The Oh Fuck Another Beat Tape EP is finds the Singapore based producer paying homage to Donuts  on a 'beat tape' that develops lots interesting beats and rhythms but never stagnates. The sampling mines some excellent unheard material. Grab the free download, and check out all of his music. I recommend it.

Fuck with Fauxe on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Facebook

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

EPs: GO DUGONG's WAS and Remixes

Missed this when it came out back in December, but the WAS ep and the just-released  remix package are astonishingly good. Some of the best freshest boldest full-on glo-fi chillwave ever. This is the shit, and it is free. Also, it's great to hear the angelic vocals of Welcome Back Sailors again. Follow Go Dugong on his facebook and Soundcloud, and visit his Bandcamp for more like this.

EP: World Warp by Colourwaves

Colourwaves is Melbourne producer Ryan Dodson. His music is reminiscent of early Washed Out and other classic chillwave. I think you will like it. Follow him on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

LP: Need A name 2013 Collection

Need A Name 2013 Collection; shoegaze, ambient, electronic music by Italian producer Dario Lupo. First class. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The quality of this release is apparent on first listen--in fact, 30 seconds into the first song I knew I liked it. This is unreconstructed witch house with an absolutely classic sound. The project is is collaboration between veteran producer BLVCK CEILING and Moon Mirror, a female vocalist whose voice is uniquely suited to this music; it's a match made in heaven, or hell as it were. Dreams in the witch house.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

EP: DataLife by DataLife

New DataLife  EP  is tasty, post-vapor experimental madness. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

EPs: The Flower Garden & Remixes by Phoenix and the Flower Girl

Phoenix and the Flower Girl is a  project centering around UK-based Phoenix Troy and collaborative members hailing from "London, NYC, Tokyo and THE WORLD"; the  Flower Girls.   The tracks have various producers, with Phoenix listed as co-producer.  His poetic raps and the contributions of several female vocalists are deftly arranged, with a flair for melodic hooks.   The oddly off-beat  tracks combine an acid-jazz ambiance with funkier-than-last-weeks'-laundry post-dubstep rhythms.

The Flower Garden EP is an auspicious debut--we here at anothercountyheard are  looking forward to more of this. The Flower Garden Remixes is a necessary companion to the EP, with outstanding contributions from Kit Pop and Deep Shoq.