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Monday, September 10, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Download: Flourescent Records Presents "Summer Vacation" Compilation LP

Again, this embedded player is not showing the different artists who contributed these tracks. Dunno why. To see the track line-up with the artists, just jump to their Bandcamp. There's some great stuff on here of the post-witch, seapunk variety. Apparently the label is based in Tallahassee Florida.

Album: "Deep Fantasy" by Surfing

Download: Jealous Gold Vol 1 Compilation LP

Jealous Gold is a Chicago-based music blog. This compilation is released for their first anniversary. For some reason the track's artists are not showing up in the embedded player. The tracks are all by different artists. You can see and hear everything at their Bandcamp. Be sure to check out JSHIH and Shisa's "Gold Fruit", Bewilderbeast's "Slow It Down", STAY+ "Eyes", the Physical Therapy remix of Elite Gymnastics' "So Close to Paradise 3", etc etc.