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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Download: Raking The Wind by Body Cheetah

Caught somewhere between indie rock and shoegaze-dream pop, with a dash of punk attitude thrown in, Body Cheetah has been on my radar since contributing a track to the 1st HANUS giveaway comp.  Body Cheetah is the recording project of James Kristofik, who also heads the interesting net-label WOOZY TRIBE. A recent spate of releases finds his sound gaining distinction and definition. Raking The Wind evinces real songwriting talent and a flair for dreamy textures and production, and is a release that grows in appeal with each listen. Sample the standout tracks, "Shone" and "Than You Should Know" and download for free. Check out his other releases on Bandcamp. You can read more about Body Cheetah here.

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