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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SizzleBird // Chillstep

The SizzleBird has landed! It seems like only a few months since this new London based electronic music artist was sending me unsolicited tracks of some fairly standard drum & bass tracks, but they showed promise. He’s now mastered his game and with these new tracks can truly be said ‘to have arrived’. Both of these tracks define the sound of today’s chillstep: the marriage of chillwave and dubstep. Dude is a classically trained violinist with years of serious music study at London schools. That might explain his very quick journey from obscurity to hotness. He also inexplicably calls himself Ot Moruno Bird. SizzleBird is a prolific Soundcloud post-er with many free downloads. His latest EP is Lady of the Lake. KO KO - So Strange (SizzleBird Remix) [Free Download] by SizzleBird Blue Eyes [Free] by SizzleBird

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