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Saturday, May 26, 2012

a-robb // twotwotwo MP3

a-robb is the recording project of Andrew Robb, currently living in Wyoming, which just goes to show how one can be geographically isolated, yet totally wired. He’s a prolific Soundcloud uploader who’s definitely been growing as an artist. Last week he dropped his “Outta There” EP on his Bandcamp, a five track set, and it’s well worth listening to. My fave is probably “Feel Better”, but the tracks are all distinct and interesting, non-conformist, slightly melancholic glow-fi. Then this week he’s posted a pulsating dreamer that is 7+ minutes of pure blissful beauty to Soundcloud, called "twotwotwo". “Dreamscaping” is an apt description left by someone on the SC message board. With the heat beginning to build across the continent, this is exactly the kind of chillwave I'm going to need to stay cool. There’s no download on the SC post but here’s a link to the MP3. twotwotwo by a-robb

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