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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lasers // Lasers EP

 Internet label Bad Panda really 'gets it'. Not only do they have their finger firmly on the pulse of the DIY / bedroom music underground (IE chillwave!), but they have seen the future clearly as expressed in their manifesto, recommended reading. Their latest release, the self-titled LASERS EP is a slice of electronic heaven in the form of four original songs and seven first-class remixes. With artists like ruddyp and Sun Glitters contributing, I was assured of some winning remixes, but the original tracks struck me with their quality and diversity. The titles of the tracks reflect a theme of West European capitols: Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin and Porto (in Portugal). The remixes by previously unknown (to me anyway) artists like Elite Athletes, Stereoboy, Sam a la Bamalot and Daily Misconceptions are all winners This is one I play all the way through, some seriously beautiful music.

LASERS is a Portugese artist currently based in the Netherlands. Asked by Bad Panda about Creative Commons he said: “I think CC is the way every music should be released. For me, music is to be listened and shared at no cost. If you want to make some money out of your music, just play live and charge for that instead.” Fuck yeah!

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