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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Album: Desire by Spazzkid

Spazzkid's album drops just in time for spring and the vibe couldn't be more appropriate to my favorite season of year. Included are "Kokeshi Doll" and "Candy Flavored Lips", with Skymarines - both top-notch tunes released earlier this year, along with equally delightful new tracks like "40 Winks" and "Loving Free" and There's not a weak song in the bunch, and even the ones I'd heard before sound better here, mastered and mixed.

 "I really wanted Desire to have an eclectic sound to reflect the different sounds I’ve been listening to while recording the album. In particular, I found Bibio’s 2011 album, Mind Bokeh an inspiration in terms of eclecticism and wanted to achieve that same level of variety. I also found myself taking inspiration from a lot of my peers on soundcloud who make beats, post-dubstep, chillwave and techno tracks. I knew I wanted my sound to be very “electronic” but I also made it a point to sound warm, organic and imperfect... I had always admired high production sounds but I also wanted the intimacy of a bedroom-produced album," so says Mark Redito, the man behind Spazzkid.

He's been making beats and remixes since 2004, and it really shows. It definitely feels warm and organic and bedroom-intimate. Desire is available as a free digital download, via the fine folks at Keats Collective , and as a cassette tape from Purrtapes.

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