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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tales From The Trap House: PARTY TRASH's "a very thoed tape"

Party Trash's "a very thoed tape" is a collection of beats - some are simple sketches, others are fully developed tracks, all worthwhile and interesting. At 25 tracks, there's something from every part of the spectrum. I knew Party Trash mainly from his drags, but much of this material is closer to J Dilla type stuff than witch house. Drag is certainly still an element here, but Party Trash has integrated the technique fully, using it as just one of the many tools in his arsenal of effects.

"Honey Bee", for instance, is perfect chillwave, while "I Don't Know Why" exploits the drag technique to beautiful rather than wicked effect. "Call My Name" is a wicked hard rocking trap beat, "Can I Say I Love You?" is a damaged, blissed-out mess-of-a-track that sounds like the future passed. All good stuff, "a very thoed tape" is the best Party Trash release to date.

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