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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 What can you say about the massive 71 track free ∜♡MDISCS 2K13 compilation LP? Someone called it "a clusterfuck", and I was like 'Well what part of 3 and a half hours of free new underground music do you not like?' Is it too much? Hell no! It is a great deal of music to digest, and it can't be done at one listen. This is a set that will be in my stack of current discs for months to come. AMDISCS Soundcloud says they're based in London, their Facebook says Santa Cruz CA, but I always thought they were from Prague. No matter, the label's earned its' bona fides as a consistent purveyor of post-witch house, post-chillwave [Did I say that?] net-music. AMDISCS 2013 is an encyclopedic report on the state of the DIY underground. This is the right stuff, too - the outer edge; non-conformist, unhyped, real-deal shit. The 'authenticity levels' are in the red. Featuring new tracks by the likes of AyGeeTee, Party Trash, Shisa, a i r s p o r t s, Dreams, the collection includes representative tracks from the full spectrum of contemporary net-pop, from cloud rap to noise pop, damaged glitchy instrumental hip-hop to witch-rave drones. Some highlights are Quiltland's "Time Phrase", ROMCOM's "とても滑らか", Go Dugong's rework of Giraffage's "Computer City", Gunge's "Hot Dog", Matthew Dotson's incredible "Don’t Want to Hold on to Never", of course AyGeeTee's pair of tracks, Shisa's "Flowers", and the track the most likely to be a hit - made right here in the dirty South by Knoxville TN based Heatstroke and SORTAHUMAN of Huntsville AL; "Blowin' My Mind". The massive set is in free to download in two zipped files. Get this!

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