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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Download: WILD by Nomadic Firs

The guitar driven psych-pop songs of Tennessee based musician Ryan Boos' Nomadic Firs are given full de-rangements by a host of talented remix artists. I don't know whether this is just a collection of great (largely) unknown remixers, or  this material just lends itself to remixing really well, but in either case it works wonderfully. The original songs are taken in the right direction; made spacier, accentuating the dreamy aspect of the tunes. There have already been a couple of impressive tracks to break out from this collection, namely Odesza's "Cover Bombs" and Mountain Range's take on "Get The Map", but the surprising thing is the uniformly excellent quality of the other tracks. This is a very well curated collection, and it's free. I consider this an essential download.

If you missed the excellent original, self titled Nomadic Firs album you can check it out here.

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