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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Download: 日本人 by 日本人 (Japanese)

The torrent of high-quality, real vaporwave emanating from FORTUNE 500 has far exceeded my ability to digest it, but this release stands out; a month after downloading it, I am still listening to it.  I guess it's called "Japanese by Japanese". At any rate it's an album full of interesting rhythms and textures, tending toward the ambient/shoegaze-end of the spectrum, with a greater than average noise component. There's one track that really caught me, lodging in my head while I struggled for days to identify it. "Ramune", which contains another song embedded in it. It's circular, shuffling chant is utterly addictive and trippy.   Check out the ironically named "Dubstep" too. The album is absolutely free and you should absolutely get it.
日本人 Japanese

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